Advanced tele-dentistry

Guided by orthodontists

Monthly virtual checkups


  • Fast and painless treatment
  • Monthly virtual checkups from anywhere in the world.

Safety first

  • 2-step orthodontic assessment and diagnosis
  • Secure digital platform to share your medical information

Teledentistry expertise

  • Tele-consultation with board-certified orthodontists
  • Interactive 3D simulation of your future smile

Dedicated care

  • 24/7 support from the BASMA care team
  • Doctor-directed remote guidance at every step of treatment

The technology behind BASMA aligners


Orthodontists carefully assess each case using the latest medical software and design your customized treatment plan.

3D designing

Aligners are individually printed and polished for the most comfortable fit.


Thermoforming machines are used to heat the highest quality plastic to create your aligners.

Adapting to Covid-19 with Teledentistry

Adapting to Covid-19 with Teledentistry

As uncertainty hits us, tele-dentistry proves itself to be the way forward by offering a safe and effective solution in times of social distancing. Thanks to BASMA’s remote monitoring technology, you can still get the smile you want safely and conveniently - wherever you are in the world.

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