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Photos and impressions may be rejected for a few reasons. We’ll let you know exactly why, and you can give it another shot.Photos:Too dark,Your back teeth don’t show.,Blurry or unclear photo. Impressions:The putty was not mixed well,You didn’t apply enough pressure on the tray and didn’t capture the gum line,You moved the tray while it was in your mouth , You removed the tray it too soon

Remote clear aligner therapy isn't right for everyone, our aligners work on straightening mild to medium teeth misalignment cases. Our orthodontists will make the appropriate decision according to each individual case.

All dental work must be done before starting the treatment. And if any modification were made to your teeth after sending the impression please let us know.

Our orthodontists will have to assess the case. You can begin by purchasing an impression kit and sending us your photos. If you are not eligible, we will refund your impression kit. If you are eligible, you can start whenever you are ready.

It is not necessary. However, we highly recommend you visit your dentist for a checkup before getting an aligner treatment. The dentist may or may not recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth.

It is better to wait approximately 7 to 10 days after a tooth extraction to take an impression, that would give time for your gum to heal.

Yes, they can! There is no contraindication for orthodontic treatment if a customer gets pregnant or if they are pregnant during an aligner treatment.

Yeth. No, just kidding. It will take your tongue just a little time to adjust to having a strange object on your teeth, but it will quickly get used to it.

If your plan treats both upper and lower teeth, you should wear them both at the same time. Wearing one arch without the other may hinder the progress and results of the treatment.

You’ll receive an average of 16 aligners. You need to wear each aligner for 2 weeks before you change to a new one. Log into your account to let us know which day you started your treatment and we will send you reminder emails when it’s time to change to a new pair.

The aligners in your treatment are designed to be worn for two weeks at a time. Your treatment may be compromised if you don’t wear each aligner until it completes the movements it was designed to do.

All the time, even while you sleep! You need to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. Take them off to eat and drink, then wash them and pop them back on!

Smoking will stain your invisible aligners yellow. They won’t be invisible anymore and you wouldn’t want that.

Cool water. That’s it! You need to remove the aligners when you eat or drink anything other than cool water. Hot materials will distort your aligners, making them ineffective.

You should brush your teeth after each meal and before you wear your aligners again to prevent cavities and discomfort in your teeth. And please make sure that you floss once a day. If you have sensitive teeth and gum use a soft brush.

Yes, not washing your aligners will make the stain and give them bad odor. You can clean them with any soap detergent and a sponge but make sure you never use hot water!

You may feel a little sore when you wear your first aligners. This is normal because your teeth a moving. The soreness will disappear after a few days. We find it best to wear a new set of aligners right before going to bed.

Don’t fret! Let us know, we’ll advise and send you a replacement if needed. Make sure that you keep all your old aligners. If you lose an aligner during treatment, our orthodontists may recommend you return to a previous step while a new aligner is being sent out.

It is normal for aligners to feel tight and begin to loosen up after a few days, but it is important that you do not move on to another step before the recommended time. If you are having problems wearing your aligners, please contact us.

You may notice a change in your bite, but this is normal as your teeth are moving.

Don’t be afraid to apply a bit of force, use your index fingers to reach the backof the aligner from both sides and push upward/downward until the aligner is released.