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100% cash back

Full refunds for those who are not candidates of our BASMA treatment.

Our guarantees.

Here's what we promise you.

Get started,

If your case doesn't qualify for our aligner treatment, you'll get a full refund on your pre-treatment kit.

New aligners,
at no extra cost

If you're wearing your aligners as prescribed, uploading monthly progress photos and still not seeing the desired outcome by end of treatment, we'll offer you a free aligner touch-up to get you the result we promised you.

A new smile,
for life

If you wear your retainers as prescribed after treatment ends, you’ll get a free aligner touch-up every year should you qualify for one.


Aligners have been around for over 20 years and millions of patients have been treated with aligners. However, it’s all about commitment. To guarantee results, you must stick to your treatment plan and upload frequent check-in pictures on your account for our orthodontists to check your progress.

We only treat cases that our orthodontists think are the right fit. Our orthodontists design your treatment plan and we’ll show you a 3D view of how your teeth will change during the treatment. Each aligner in your plan is a step designed in advance, so our orthodontists can continuously monitor your progress to ensure your treatment is going as planned.

If after taking your impression, our orthodontists determine that you are not a good aligner candidate, we will fully refund your impression kit.

Our orthodontists design your most ideal treatment plan based on the anatomy of your teeth. If you would like to discuss your treatment plan or request a modification, chat with one of our customer care representatives to discuss whether the changes can be made.