FAQs Basma Aligners

You can order an impression kit and take an impression of your teeth at home. Rather than visiting the orthodontist every month to have braces painfully adjusted, we send you a series of orthodontist-prescribed aligners to your home. Each aligner is a predetermined step, so every new aligner you wear pushes your teeth slightly closer to their perfect position. Step by step, your teeth will be straight in no time.

Yes! They’re 100% invisible and completely transparent.

Average treatment time is 4 to 6 months but each case is unique.

Our aligners work on aligning your front 8 teeth on both the top and bottom arches. Our invisible aligners do not move molars or wisdom teeth. The treatment does not treat jaw or bite issues but sometimes bite corrections are a result of invisible aligner treatments.

Yes! Basma aligners operate as an alternative to the conventional metallic braces if you have mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues. If you’re over 18, Basma could be for you. Get started with our short survey to see if you’re a good fit!

We can only treat patients 18 years and above.

Basma aligners are made from comfortable and transparent FDA-Approved medical grade plastic sourced from the USA and Germany.They are stronger, more hygienic, and more durable than any other aligners on the market today.

We only treat cases that our orthodontists think are the right fit. Our orthodontists design your treatment plan and we’ll show you a 3D view of how your teeth will change during the treatment. Each aligner in your plan is a step designed in advance, so our orthodontists can continuously monitor your progress to ensure your treatment is going as planned.

You’ll only need to take a 2 minute short survey to find out if you’re a candidate. You can then either order a pre-treatment kit and take your dental measurements at home, or get your teeth scanned at a partner clinic. We’ll refund your pre-treatment kit if we receive your dental prints and our orthodontists determine that you are not a candidate.

We don’t directly treat bite issues, but sometimes bite corrections are a result of invisible aligner treatments.

Simple! You can start by taking your dental impressions (prints) at home or getting your teeth scanned at a partner clinic. We’ll analyze your impressions or 3D scan and design your treatment plan accordingly. Once you see and approve the plan, you’ll be able to purchase your customized aligners.