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Transform your smile fast, and painlessly, with BASMA aligners.

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Introducing BASMA aligners

Aligners are clear dental trays that gently and discreetly move your teeth to their correct position.
BASMA aligners straighten your teeth in an average of 6 months.

Here’s what BASMA aligners can fix

Mild to moderate cases of teeth crowding and spacing


The steps to a new smile


Take your impressions

Order a pre-treatment kit and take measurements (impressions) of your teeth at home.


View your smile plan

Our orthodontists will design your treatment plan and show you a 3D view of your new smile.

The technology behind BASMA aligners


Orthodontists carefully assess each case using the latest medical software and design your customized treatment plan.

3D printing

Aligners are individually printed and polished for the most comfortable fit.


Thermoforming machines are used to heat the highest quality plastic to create your aligners.

Teeth and wreaths outline

100% risk-free guarantee

Our orthodontists carefully assess your case to determine if you’re fit for treatment. We guarantee a full refund if you’re not a candidate - and there is no obligation to commit if you are.

What's in your kit.

Everything you need to take quick impressions and pictures.

smile spreader from BASMA impression kit

Smile Spreader

Putty from BASM impression kit


Guide from the impression kit


gloves from the impression kit


Bottom trays from BASM impression kit

Bottom Trays

Top trays from BASMA impression kit

Top Trays

return box from BASMA impression kit

Return Box


This is where it all starts.

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