Basma, the digital dental startup secures US$1.2M Seed funding.




Basma, the digital dental startup secures US$1.2M Seed funding.


3 steps to your new smile


Make An Impression Of Your Teeth At Home

Order your impression kit and take quick and easy impressions of your teeth at home.


Get A Customized Treatment Plan

Our orthodontists design your treatment plan and show you a 3D simulation of what your future smile will look like.


Receive your aligners and get started

Order your treatment and we’ll print your aligners and deliver them straight to your door. Your doctor will remotely track your progress.

The team behind your smile

Meet Dr. Cherif Massoud

Dr. Cherif Massoud, the head orthodontist at Basma, is a dental lecturer and a 3rd generation Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Originally a doctor in dental surgery specialized in Orthodontics, he started treating patients in 2008 with dental braces. Noticing the importance of a confident smile and of affordable dental care, he realized he could treat millions of patients remotely with the same expert quality and at a reduced cost.

You choose how to pay

We’ve removed all unnecessary costs making it 65% less than braces and in-clinic aligners.

One-Time Payment

Convenient full one time payment

Monthly Payments

Comfortable monthly payments


Results guaranteed.

Smiles transformed.

Modern and efficient dental services that gets amazing results.

Elie’s Transformation

Treatment time 3 months
Fixed spacing

Khalil’s Transformation

Treatment time 6 months
Fixed spacing

Farah’s Transformation

Treatment time 5 months
Fixed crowding

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